About us

Veritas Legal Abogados SL Lawyers is a law firm founded in 1989 and one of the leading lawyer and economists firms in Catalonia with offices in Barcelona’s Diagonal Avenue. It is specialized in all areas of business law. It has partnerships with some leading consulting, audit, technology and communication firms. Veritas Legal Abogados SL Lawyers has international character, as it has foreigner and multinational business as clients.

The firm maintains an extensive network of international contacts with other law firms and companies with who acts independently, wanting to give to our customers those international collaborations that will enable their better business development, leveraging his deep knowledge of the local reality. The legal and advisory team consists of lawyers with a high level of experience and expertise, so that their clients can achieve a full legal advice, which emphasizes on personalization and search results.

Counseling as a preventative measure, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, the wise exercise performance in commercial law and litigation and financial and tax advice, give the Sign a legal technical instrument of great validity when attempting to achieve the goals set. Customers of companies Veritas Legal Abogados SL Lawyers come from all economic sectors and areas. For all our customers is directed a responsible and uniform legal advice, aimed at conflict prevention and useful solutions that reinforce the objectives. The work is developed under the principles of specialization, flexibility and cooperative work with the objective of providing unitary solutions to its customers.


We believe that management must be socially responsible. That is why we carry out policies that promote social, economic and environmental improvement.

Social Sphere Collaboration with entities or nonprofit organizations.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL helped to formalize an agreement between Endesa, the Red Cross and the Guild of Installers Baix Llobregat Valley. The agreement was in favor of the poorest older people, to upgrade the electrical installations of their homes for free.

We cooperate with non-profit organizations, and sponsor and organize courses and masters in universities and training centers.

The aim is to promote and share knowledge on strategies for protecting and exploiting the innovations and creations.

Environmental Field Aiming to become a group of companies “paperless”, we are implementing electronic invoicing and a computer scanning system documentation, while improving and streamline the delivery of our services.

Also, respecting the environment and proceeding minimizing waste recycling thereof.