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What happens to the digital life after you die?



Have you ever ever wondered what happens to all this online content we generate once we have died? If this is your case, you definetly want to continue reading this article that explains in detail what all of these information companies does.

Facebook after death Source: DANIEL GLEZ  http://www.20minutos.es/ When someone dies, all your photos and Facebook posts, files Dropbox, Google accounts, Outlook emails … don’t go away, but in many cases are inaccessible. Aware of this, big companies of Internet have begun to pay attention to the death of its members, seeing business in a new field and ahead of possible legal problems, they already have started adding to its services specific options to  related deaths. In 2013, Google was ahead of the competition and created a specific digital testament to their services. Which it is a tool that allows users to decide what to do with their digital data once their accounts are to be inactive, either because of death, disability or for any other reason. At this point, there are two options, delete the contents or name a beneficiary in a will. The manager called dormant accounts eliminates all content after less than a year of account inactivity, depending on what the user has chosen period. The other option is to choose a trusted contact for this receive all account data. The Inactive Account Manager eliminates all content after less than a year of account inactivity, depending on the period that the user has chosen. The other option is to choose a trusted contact for receive all account data. Facebook has also been forced, despite numerous requests, to provide a similar service. The user can choose to keep your account active or completely eliminated. If you choose to keep it, you can designate a heir. The way is through the “Contact Legacy” in the security settings. If the deceased has left no record of their wishes after death, it corresponds to a familiar person to give a proof of death and choose to delete the account or convert it to a memorial one, where your friends and family can still see the profile and posting messages of remembrance. On Instagram, the process is much the same. Microsoft offers a service called “close relatives process Outlook.com” which gives the option to delete the account of a deceased person or to access in his account. Twitter does not offer many possibilities. No one can take account of the person who has died, but you can download a copy of public tweets before finally close it. Other services like LinkedIn, Yahoo and Flickr allow you to close the account of the deceased before sending a death certificate and other important information about the user. For Apple and other digital content services is a controversial situation. The apple company and similar consider the user acquires a right to use digital content by paying, but no ownership over them. That way, no one can the inherit.

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