Tax Advisory

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL, we advise our clients, individuals and corporations, in all matters related to domestic and international taxation, including assistance on inspections and appeals. Our firm places special emphasis on customer orientation about a good tax planning to achieve the greatest benefits for their interests. Our team offers, among others, the following services:

  • Tax planning for Spanish and international companies.
  • Family Business and HNWIs.
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Advice on cases of double taxation.
  • Taxation about corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Taxation in individual operations.
  • Tax inspections, appeals and complaints by administrative and contentious administrative.
  • Proceedings of defense against the Treasury.
  • Tax reviews about the contingencies of legal transactions.
  • Stock option plans and other remuneration systems.
  • Assets and estate tax planning.

Accounting Advisory

Veritas Legal Abogados SL has the finest accountants who analyze the correct application of the accounting items of our client companies and make accounting adjustments and fiscal year-end that will allow them to adequately address their Tax obligations.

  • Our Accounting Management Department provides, among others, the following services:
  • Advice on the preparation of accounts.
  • Preparation of the ledgers of the company.
  • Review the ledgers.
  • Advice and, where appropriate, preparation and presentation of annual accounts with the Mercantile Registry.
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Organization and introduction of accounting systems and plans.


Employment Advisory

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL we offer to customers, especially businesses, a specialized legal advice in the areas of Labor Relations, human resources and Social Security in order to optimize their relations according to their actual needs, providing social management, advising on different types of contracts and acting also as partners in the employer-employee relationship. We focus on preventive counseling in different subjects of specialization.

  • Labor Management
  • Legal advice and labor
  • Human resources and risk prevention
  • Social Security




We can affirm, without excessive risk to being wrong, that the level of the organizations and his valuation measures up for the quality and the composition and possibilities that there offer the persons who compose them. For it Veritas Legal Abogados SL destines big efforts to incorporate into the signature professionals of the highest technical and human level, valuing and promoting the human and personal qualities of the same ones. Veritas Legal Abogados SL It offers a professional career to all his members that it begins in the moment of his incorporation to the signature, for this reason, our professionals intervene in a wide variety of cases, supported by attorneys more experienced to solve any consultation in such a way that the teamwork is promoted inside the different services that the signature offers. Veritas Legal Abogados SL searches, fundamentally, professionals with vocation, initiative and with capacity of communication and organization, which they can integrate in an equipment of work with which to look for the maximum efficiency and quality.


Veritas Legal Abogados SL understands the formation as constant inside the professional career. The same one is a vital aspect for our professionals. Ours challenge is to offer in all the cases the services of maximum quality with the generation of an added value and a commitment with the client.