Justice has offered the “LexNet” system to autonomous communities

lexnet_logo From 1 January, communications between professionals (lawyers, attorneys and social graduates) and the courts, in new cases should be electronic, as established by the Code of Civil Procedure. The Ministry of Justice has initiated steps to make that change possible. To facilitate the transition to the new “paperless” has been made available to the regions that so desire their own technological tools. The ministry has offered free of charge to all regions with competences in Justice and do not have their own system of communication, “ Lexnet ” that works for years. It has also adapted the apps wich the Prosecution has been using , which have also been provided to the CCAA, and have been supplied 6,400 screens and 250 scanners for all Justice officials in the territory of ministry to work with dual screens from January 1 .

Electronic communications

The Civil Procedure Act includes the requirement that communications between professionals (lawyers, attorneys and social graduates) and the courts are wire for cases that start from next January 1 . It does not means, therefore, the disappearance of paper in courts, but that the documents provided to any process must be digitally treated to streamline communications between professionals. The measure does not affect the electronic case file. According to close sources to the ministry, the date of January 1 of 2016, will not mean the end of the modernization process in terms of communications. Means, in any case, a first starting point for digitalization of Justice.

The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of Justice Minister Rafael Catala, has approved a Royal Decree on electronic communications in the administration of justice in the territory of the Ministry of Justice and whereby the Lexnet system, effective January 1 of 2016, shall be used for the submission of written copies, removals and performing acts of communication, courts, tribunals and prosecutors, and as professionals working with the Justice.
The Royal Decree will e applyed to the territorial scope of the Ministry of Justice (Castilla y Leon, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla) and in all jurisdictional orders. The Autonomous Communities with competencies in Justice transferred shall take the necessary measures to ensure from next January 1 implementation of the provisions introduced in recent reforms of the Civil Procedure Law and the Organic Law of Judicial Power in this material.




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