Brazil Desk


Our firm has created within the same division and specific area specializing in legal advice and support to both Spanish natural or legal persons wishing to invest, implemented in Brazil or start businesses in that country, as individuals or legal entities Brazilian wishing to implement, invest or start a business in Spain.

In order to meet the demands and requests for advice in this area of ​​activity, our firm is associated with a law firm renowned in Brazil, from which, in cooperation and coordination with our professional office, can receive any advice and information of our clients wishing to operate, invest or develop business in Brazil and, more specifically, in the Northeast region of the country, where the company is firmly established.

In Spain, we have two professional specifically assigned to this business, which mainly perform functions of coordination with other companions of our firm, with fellow Brazilian associate that signature, as well as many public and private Brazilian agencies is accurate contact to meet the requirements demanded by our customers.