Veritas Legal Abogados


  1. Professional people with good formation and academic process, high level of commitment, aptitude to be employed at equipment, initiative and responsibility.We value other studies of postdegree or Masters and Englishman’s high level.                                                                                                                                                                                             Veritas Legal Abogados incorporates students in practices of different universities and business schools, which after several months in our offices, join of a fixed form the signature. For it relies on agreements of collaboration that they facilitate the incorporation to the company.
  2. Professionals with several years of experience in the areas of specialization that offers the signature.The legal market searches professionals with a high degree of specialization for what the incorporation to Veritas Legal Abogados supposes the development of the professional career for the pleaded young person who joins.
  3. Professionals with more than fifteen years of experience.The constant added value that the above mentioned professionals grant to the signature favors the strong growth of this one inside the legal market. For such a motive Veritas Legal Abogados bets for the incorporation of the above mentioned professionals with a high degree of specialization. Of another part the same ones can develop new areas of business and take part in the management and in the commercial labors of the signature, together with the most ancient partners. The professionals who join help in the internal formation and use as modal the persons in the areas which they join, contributing to the development of the set of the organization.
  4. Professionals of other juridical and economic professions with more than ten years of experience that they integrate in our advice adviser. Veritas Legal Abogados takes advantage of the opportunities that these professionals offer with a high level of qualification and added value. The above mentioned professionals stimulate the internal formation and contribute to the professional development of the attorneys of the signature. The development of the human and commercial relations for the signature is a very valued aim and contributes to the solid growth of the same one.

The process of selection is opened. If you expire with these requirements and want to join in a juridical equipment of the highest level and want to be formed professionally us send your Professional Record to the following electronic direction: