How to act after being the victim of an online scam




The ciberscams increases at Christmas with the increase of online shopping. Stealing bank details or false job offers are other common crimes on the Internet.

Thanks to online shopping, Christmas shopping no longer involves careerss and hours of long lines to get the best items of the sales. Internet can comfortably bring gifts home in just a few days, which has made this type of stores multiply. A boon for consumers, but the scammers have already been added offering, for example, top brand products as if they were original and with a very similar price that does not raise suspicions. Counterfeits occupy the first position of fraud against the citizens according to the ranking prepared by the National Cyber ​​Security Institute. “Many affected believe that they have been cheated by online there is nothing to do but it is not. The procedure is the same as if the problem had occurred off the Net,” says Rafael García del Poyo, a partner at Osborne Clarke and specialist in digital businesses. Fraud in the virtual world are varied and may incur from the collection of personal data to deflect this information to third parties or, more commonly, the economic damage scammed, you basically have two options to recover their money, lodging a complaint or a grievance.

The 10 most common scams

  • Scams counterfeit products 1. Sometimes they sold as original goods that are not very similar to that of large firms price.
  • Fake lenders 2. Credit requirements fast without calling a number to begin the process.
  • False job offers 3. Endless calls to premium numbers or payable for a material for small tasks are some of the most common scams.
  • Gift Vouchers fraudulent 4. Some websites ask for personal data to download checks clothing stores or supermarkets are only looking to sell that information.
  • ‘Phishing’ 5. To grab passwords or transfers, some scammers send emails posing as a bank.
  • Muleros 6 . People who act as intermediaries to exchange for a fee, forward the money to a third party fraud.
  • Vacation scams 7. Holiday apartments, following a prepayment disappear.
  • Sale of used items 8. Either a second hand does not mean that you should not match the description of the ad.
  • Internet brides 9 . Bribes or money upfront are the result of some web to meet women.
  • Inheritances and lottery 10. False or alleged prize unclaimed inheritances coupons circulating on the Internet.



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