Decrease in retention rates

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We inform you that it has been published in the BOE this Saturday July 11, 2015 Royal Decree-Law 9/2015, of 10 July, on urgent measures to reduce the tax burden on tax payers Income Individuals and other economic measures.

Its entry into force is set for the same Sunday July 12, 2015 and pursuant to which it provides the types of withholding income tax in accordance with the following breakdown are reduced and to the extent that the withholding obligation take place from the same Sunday, 12 July:


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‘As for the self-employed widely reduces the withholding rate, which is fixed, irrespective of their income level, 15 percent. The rate of withholding or payment on account applicable during the first three years of the start of the professional activity also decreased from 9% to 7%.

‘As to employment income derived from giving courses, conferences and the like, as well as the development of literary, artistic or scientific works, provided the right to operate is transferred widely reduces the withholding rate to fifteen%.

– And also in terms of savings income and other income subject to withholding (eg holiday), the rate of withholding tax or minority on account is applicable to 19.5 percent from 20 percent previously.

We remind you that the birth of the obligation to practice restraint is the date that determines the application of this new type of retention. In general, and in the case of income from professional activities, the reference date is that of payment (regardless of the date and type of retaining the provider has included in its bill) and in the case of capital gains furniture and real estate, its enforceability.

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