Decrease in retention rates

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We inform you that it has been published in the BOE this Saturday July 11, 2015 Royal Decree-Law 9/2015, of 10 July, on urgent measures to reduce the tax burden on tax payers Income Individuals and other economic measures.

Its entry into force is set for the same Sunday July 12, 2015 and pursuant to which it provides the types of withholding income tax in accordance with the following breakdown are reduced and to the extent that the withholding obligation take place from the same Sunday, 12 July:


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Assume debts of the Company Capital

As the responsibility for debts of corporations, we can speak of a general rule of its limitation and several exceptions where liability becomes il • limited. This modulation CC 1911 responds to a process of abstraction to the “Limitation of Liability”, but lost along the way some of the material foundations of law.

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The “floor clauses” (limiting the interest rate variability harmful effects only), unknown to less than two years ago, are part of the public debate. This means that people outside legal professions, assess and comment on this issue. On one hand, this new attitude awareness of the problem, but on the other, disseminates opinions that need some nuances.

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The note was originally a way to circumvent the ban on travel with cash, like the draft. The success of the note is explained by the preference of secured credit insurance and guaranteed, unconditional and executive mode, lacking respect to the other claims of such privileges.

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