Tax Law

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL, we advise our clients, individuals and corporations, in all matters related to domestic and international taxation, including assistance on inspections and appeals. Our firm places special emphasis on customer orientation about a good tax planning to achieve the greatest benefits for their interests. Our team offers, among others, the following services:

  • Tax planning for Spanish and international companies.
  • Family Business and HNWIs.
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Advice on cases of double taxation.
  • Taxation about corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Taxation in individual operations.
  • Tax inspections, appeals and complaints by administrative and contentious administrative.
  • Proceedings of defense against the Treasury.
  • Tax reviews about the contingencies of legal transactions.
  • Stock option plans and other remuneration systems.
  • Assets and estate tax planning.