New Technologies

The Department of New Technologies in Ibanez & Almenara offers its customers the support and advice required in all areas. These are matters that are in constant evolution and normative development such as the Internet Law, E-commerce, telecommunications or electronic signature.


The new technologies and their use by the companies and people, are called to change the course of history, and are a huge change or revolution by extending and socializing knowledge and information. They both represent risks to intimacy and privacy of people, as they allow access to individuals and companies from all over the world, to our personal data and make use of the same purposes that the person may not already know, and sometimes to their detriment.

The companies, in the development of their economic activities, process personal data. The knowledge of the duties of protecting them and their advice and implementation on the performance of the company is one of the objectives of this department.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL performs, among other services:

  • Audit data protection of personal character. The purpose is to check the current status of the company in the degree of compliance with data protection regulations, if adopted security measures and procedures for collecting and processing information containing personal data.
  • Drafting of contracts and clauses. Privacy Policy.
  • Drafting of company security.
  • Advice on Data Protection and related regulations.
  • Resolving queries.
  • Writing reports.
  • Procedures and where appropriate, complaints to the Data Protection Agency. Registration, modification and deletion of files in the Data Protection Register. Recourse against decisions and other acts of the Data Protection Agency.
  • Implementation of the integrated protection of personal data in the enterprise.
  • Implementation of a security system to regularize and streamline the processing of information about people in all media.
  • Security Document Preparation Company.
  • Drafting of regulatory clauses processing information about people, and of the remaining documents.
  • Consulting in providing the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the exercise of the rights of those affected.
  • Training and instruction to the company staff on the implementation of protection of personal data.
  • Provision of means and tools for the proper management and maintenance of the system.
  • Carrying out official notices and communications with Data Protection Agency.
  • Legal defense in disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Data Protection Agency.
  • Periodic external audits. Ibanez & Almenara set according to the client company future planning monitoring and control of corrective actions taken to comply with the data protection regulations, and so regular checks are set according to the needs of customers.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL also advises and provides services in:

  • Website Legal Audit. Degree of compliance and measures to adopt.
  • Consulting E-commerce. Electronic contracting.
  • Advising the general terms and conditions, user protection, electronic signature, security.
  • Adapting security systems to the LSSI information.
  • Drafting of licensing, distribution, support, maintenance of equipment, software, procurement of goods and services.
  • Internet. Taxation
  • Telecommunications.
  • Domain Names.