New Technologies

The Department of New Technologies in Ibanez & Almenara offers its customers the support and advice required in all areas. These are matters that are in constant evolution and normative development such as the Internet Law, E-commerce, telecommunications or electronic signature.


The new technologies and their use by the companies and people, are called to change the course of history, and are a huge change or revolution by extending and socializing knowledge and information. They both represent risks to intimacy and privacy of people, as they allow access to individuals and companies from all over the world, to our personal data and make use of the same purposes that the person may not already know, and sometimes to their detriment.

The companies, in the development of their economic activities, process personal data. The knowledge of the duties of protecting them and their advice and implementation on the performance of the company is one of the objectives of this department.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL performs, among other services:

  • Audit data protection of personal character. The purpose is to check the current status of the company in the degree of compliance with data protection regulations, if adopted security measures and procedures for collecting and processing information containing personal data.
  • Drafting of contracts and clauses. Privacy Policy.
  • Drafting of company security.
  • Advice on Data Protection and related regulations.
  • Resolving queries.
  • Writing reports.
  • Procedures and where appropriate, complaints to the Data Protection Agency. Registration, modification and deletion of files in the Data Protection Register. Recourse against decisions and other acts of the Data Protection Agency.
  • Implementation of the integrated protection of personal data in the enterprise.
  • Implementation of a security system to regularize and streamline the processing of information about people in all media.
  • Security Document Preparation Company.
  • Drafting of regulatory clauses processing information about people, and of the remaining documents.
  • Consulting in providing the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the exercise of the rights of those affected.
  • Training and instruction to the company staff on the implementation of protection of personal data.
  • Provision of means and tools for the proper management and maintenance of the system.
  • Carrying out official notices and communications with Data Protection Agency.
  • Legal defense in disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Data Protection Agency.
  • Periodic external audits. Ibanez & Almenara set according to the client company future planning monitoring and control of corrective actions taken to comply with the data protection regulations, and so regular checks are set according to the needs of customers.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL also advises and provides services in:

  • Website Legal Audit. Degree of compliance and measures to adopt.
  • Consulting E-commerce. Electronic contracting.
  • Advising the general terms and conditions, user protection, electronic signature, security.
  • Adapting security systems to the LSSI information.
  • Drafting of licensing, distribution, support, maintenance of equipment, software, procurement of goods and services.
  • Internet. Taxation
  • Telecommunications.
  • Domain Names.

Intellectual Property

Firm lawyers expert in intellectual property and copyright

  • Registration and protection of rights in literary, artistic or scientific works.
  • Legal defense in proceedings for infringement of copyright.
  • Protection of computer programs and software.
  • Advice regarding management entities of intellectual property rights.
  • Recruitment of contents: Contracts editing, production of phonograms, audiovisual and content acquisition.
  • Advice on right to honor, privacy and reputation
  • Audiovisual law.
  • Protection of the right to honor, privacy and reputation.
  • New technologies.
  • Consulting / Audit Data Protection.


  • Features of Copyright.
  • Who are authors of a work.
  • Presumption Author: Anonymous.
  • Works in collaboration.
  • Works and original titles.
  • The moral copyright.
  • Legitimized mortis causa.
  • Compensation for private copying.
  • Duration of copyright.
  • Computer Programs authors.
  • Photographs copyright protection.
  • Legal action for plagiarism copyright.





Our CORPORATE department is formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of legal advisory services to businesses and individuals, characterized by providing a personalized service since independence from large groups and multinationals in the legal consultancy sector.

The firm is a member of the international network ACG INTERNATIONAL NETWORK


Our company specializes in advisory and mediation in fusions, acquisitions and corporate finance business operations. We offer our services internationally through our membership in international legal networks and Alliances with prestigious Law firms around the world. We associate firms in New York, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, Brazil and China.

Tax Law

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL, we advise our clients, individuals and corporations, in all matters related to domestic and international taxation, including assistance on inspections and appeals. Our firm places special emphasis on customer orientation about a good tax planning to achieve the greatest benefits for their interests. Our team offers, among others, the following services:

  • Tax planning for Spanish and international companies.
  • Family Business and HNWIs.
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Advice on cases of double taxation.
  • Taxation about corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Taxation in individual operations.
  • Tax inspections, appeals and complaints by administrative and contentious administrative.
  • Proceedings of defense against the Treasury.
  • Tax reviews about the contingencies of legal transactions.
  • Stock option plans and other remuneration systems.
  • Assets and estate tax planning.


Commercial Contracts, nationally and internationally. In the area of ​​corporate law we deal with all the issues in the legal field from the beginning of society (constitution) to end (dissolution or liquidation), as well as the sale of companies or fusion or acquisition, and the investors and foreign investments in Spain.

The main work we develop in this area are:

  • Performing the functions of the office of Secretary No Member of the Board of Directors of the Company, such as the preparation of meetings of the Board of Directors and Shareholders of the Company, and the redaction of the minutes attesting to the resolutions adopted by those corporate bodies.
  • Study, revision and preparation of contracts on matters that arise as a result of commercial activity of the Company (contracts Agency, Distribution, Franchising, …).
  • Study of trading approach to restructuring operations and / or business sale as well as economic reorganizations (formalities, procedures and documents or contracts to be prepared).

Accounting Advisory

Veritas Legal Abogados SL has the finest accountants who analyze the correct application of the accounting items of our client companies and make accounting adjustments and fiscal year-end that will allow them to adequately address their Tax obligations.

  • Our Accounting Management Department provides, among others, the following services:
  • Advice on the preparation of accounts.
  • Preparation of the ledgers of the company.
  • Review the ledgers.
  • Advice and, where appropriate, preparation and presentation of annual accounts with the Mercantile Registry.
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Organization and introduction of accounting systems and plans.


Banking and stock market

Veritas Legal Abogados SL has a highly qualified team which provides financial strategies accommodated to the needs of each client. This wide range of financial services provides customers a high added value since it is a personalized advice. Veritas Legal Abogados SL performs a work of specific legal advice of the activities of banks, finance and insurance and any aspect derived from all types of financing transactions through personalized advice to businesses.

  • So in particular, it has been advising on:
  • Development of banking contracts, financing, investment, hedging.
  • Takeover bids of securities traded in organized markets, public offerings of securities.
  • Investment companies, creation of venture capital funds.
  • Advice on entities and collective investment schemes.
  • Advising on the establishment of investment funds.
  • Money Markets, E-finance.
  • Study and development of pension and benefit plans for employees of companies.
  • Complete review of the client’s financial situation.
  • Study and development of investment and savings plans.
  • Study and preparation of income protection plans.
  • Loans, lines of credit and business finance.
  • New financial products, insurance and provident.
  • Insurance: insurance study and evaluation and contracting, sinister adjustment claims, negotiations and actions in insurance litigation.


Veritas Legal Abogados SL presta asesoramiento en la práctica totalidad de las áreas del seguro.

La experiencia nos ha demostrado que un buen conocimiento y comprensión de la ley y normativa estatal es algo que no se puede ganar en poco tiempo. Nuestra dilatada experiencia a lo largo de los últimos 26 años nos acreditan como un despacho experto en reclamaciones civiles derivadas de la responsabilidad contractual y extracontractual.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL tiene como fortaleza nuestra experiencia, reputación y trayectoria en el tratamiento de problemas complejos para el beneficio de nuestros clientes corporativos.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL abogados tienen experiencia en la defensa de las aseguradoras nacionales y extranjeras, reaseguradores, líneas excedentes transportistas, agentes y corredores de seguros y asegurados.

Algunos de los mejores litigios que hemos tenido son:

• En representación de los asegurados, nuestra amplia experiencia abarca desde productos complejos de responsabilidad a los asuntos y casos de accidente de automóvil simples.

• Nuestro despacho de abogados defiende intereses de transportistas y agencias de seguros.

• Nuestra Firma defiende a clientes en materia de responsabilidad profesional, incluidos los médicos, quiroprácticos, hospitales, ingenieros y arquitectos.

• Nuestra firma ofrece sus servicios profesionales a los gestores de riesgos de los hoteles, empresas nacionales y muchos otros negocios para defender sus intereses en disputas y reclamaciones


Labor Law and Social Security

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL we offer to customers, especially businesses, a specialized legal advice in the areas of Labor Relations, human resources and Social Security in order to optimize their relations according to their actual needs, providing social management, advising on different types of contracts and acting also as partners in the employer-employee relationship. We focus on preventive counseling in different subjects of specialization.

  • Labor Management
  • Legal advice and labor
  • Human resources and risk prevention
  • Social Security



From our consultancy we help implement their products abroad to increase sales, design strategies and specific solutions to the needs of your business and minimize the risks it faces in its internationalization process.

Our services include:

  • Study of the real potential sales of their products abroad.
  • Strategic planning for implementation of their products abroad depending on the product.
  • Creating a sales system through an on-line retail service by creating a page that allows you to make sales online.
  • Distribution of your product through commercial partnerships in various countries.
  • Brand positioning and complete advice implementation thereof in the country of destination.
  • Grant management of export support.
  • We generate synergies with other enterprises, small, medium and large, confederations, federations, chambers and industrial associations and Technological Institutions, Polytechnics and Scientific either inside and outside Spain for your SMEs have access to the best business domestic and foreign experts.
  • Legal advice in exports, taxes, duties, tariffs, etc.


  • Preparation of contracts of sale of provision of services, distribution contracts, franchise, agency, etc.
  • Advice on exports and imports of its products by making appropriate contracts with clauses as Anglo-Saxon style (prevents any incident).
  • Quick systems to conflict resolution and defaults to submission to arbitration.
  • Advice on Documentary Credits and INCOTERMS.
  • Drafting contracts of JOIN VENTURE, CONSULTING ENGINEERING, PROCESS ENGINEERING, such as engineering to abroad, as well as consulting and project implementation.
  • Defense and performances Running processes.
  • Filing of exchange procedures, execution of securities and payment procedures in claim amount.


Veritas Legal Abogados SL has proven experience in all types of arbitration procedures for resolving any difficulties of these procedures. In this area we offer, among others, the following services:

  • Court formalization of arbitration.
  • Mediation.
  • The grant of interim measures.
  • Enforcement of the award.
  • Appeal for annulment of the award.
  • International Arbitration.


Contracts for the sale of property, urban rentals and condo, Trade and execution of work, and all types of contracts related to real estate, mortgage law and security, inheritance and family law, as well as rights to claim damages and liability.

Administrative Law

Our department of Administrative Law has a consolidated experience in the treatment of issues relating to the interpretation and application of administrative law, general and special, budget and public finance. In the department of Administrative Law Veritas Legal Abogados SL we provide to individuals business entities, public entities public and private law, local and regional or national level, a specialized legal advice complexity requires that relations with the public administration can present. The services in the administrative area we offer our customers include:

  • Administrative contracting.
  • Management Contracts with supplies, works, services, public service management, finance leases.
  • Public competition.
  • Authorization and administrative records.
  • Getting all kind of concessions, licenses and authorizations in any branch of government activity.
  • Advice on applying for grants and subsidies from both the European Union as a state.
  • Advice for funding, organization or creation of public bodies, public enterprises and autonomous bodies.
  • Advice on the legal aspects of eminent domain.
  • Filing of resources, administrative and litigation.
  • Liability of public administration.
  • Right of petition and information.
  • Audits.
  • Comprehensive advice on consumer goods: inspections, claims, administrative records, registration and plant products, packaging, labeling …


Veritas Legal Abogados SL cuenta con un importante departamento de Derecho Penal especializado en delitos contra el patrimonio y el orden socioeconómico, el llamado derecho Penal económico. Asimismo, las nuevas tecnologías están cambiando la forma de cometer delitos, por lo que, conscientes de las nuevas necesidades, ofrecemos entre otros, los siguientes servicios:

  • Apropiaciones indebidas.
  • Alzamiento de bienes.
  • Insolvencias punibles.
  • Daños.
  • Delitos societarios.
  • Delitos relativos a la propiedad intelectual e industrial.
  • Delitos contra la intimidad y el derecho a la propia imagen.
  • Delitos contra el honor (calumnias e injurias).
  • Delitos contra la Hacienda Pública y contra la Seguridad Social.
  • Delitos contra los derechos de los trabajadores.
  • Delitos informáticos: hacking, cracking, y otras actividades delictivas.
  • Delitos relativos al mercado y a los consumidores. (descubrimiento, revelación o difusión de secretos de empresa).
  • Delitos contra el Medio Ambiente.
  • Querellas penales por fraudes al seguro.


Las empresas cada vez consideran más necesario el implantar programas de prevención de delitos o de riesgos penales, por una cuestión de buen gobierno corporativo y para evitar el daño en su reputación derivado de una condena penal.

Con un programa de prevención, correctamente elaborado y aplicado, la empresa puede:

  • Evitar la comisión de delitos.
  • Evitar su imputación y condena, con la consiguiente imposición de penas y el daño reputacional.
  • Evitar la imputación y condena de sus directivos.

Para atender a esta necesidad el Departamento Penal de Veritas Legal Abogados SL ofrece el servicio de Compliance, que se basa en el análisis detallado de las características de la empresa y en la elaboración de un sistema de prevención de los riesgos penales concretos de cada organización, además de asesorar al órgano de supervisión y control del cumplimiento (Compliance Officer) o, en su caso, ejercer las funciones de éste actuando como órgano de cumplimiento externo.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL compta amb un important departament de Dret Penal especialitzat en delictes contra el patrimoni i l’ordre socioeconòmic, l’anomenat dret Penal econòmic. Així mateix, les noves tecnologies estan canviant la forma de cometre delictes, per la qual cosa, conscients de les noves necessitats, oferim entre uns altres, els següents serveis:

  • Apropiacions indegudes.
  • Alçament de béns.
  • Insolvències punibles.
  • Danys.
  • Delictes societaris.
  • Delictes relatius a la propietat intel·lectual i industrial.
  • Delictes contra la intimitat i el dret a la pròpia imatge.
  • Delictes contra l’honor (calúmnies i injúries).
  • Delictes contra la Hisenda Pública i contra la Seguretat Social.
  • Delictes contra els drets dels treballadors.
  • Delictes informàtics: hacking, cracking, i altres activitats delictives.
  • Delictes relatius al mercat i als consumidors. (descobriment, revelació o difusió de secrets d’empresa).
  • Delictes contra el Medi ambient.
  • Querelles penals per fraus al segur.


Les empreses cada cop més consideren més necessari el implementar programes de prevenció de delictes o de riscos penals, per una qüestió de bon govern coorporatiu i per evitar el dany en la seva reputació derivat de una condemna penal. Amb un programa de prevenció, correctament el·laborat i aplicat, la empresa pot:

  • Evitar la comissió de delictes.
  • Evitar la seva imputació i condemna, amb la consegüent imposició de penes i el dany reputacional.
  • Evitar la imputació i condemna del seus directius.

Per atendre a aquesta necessitat el Departament Penal de Veritas Legal Abogados SL ofereix el servei de Compliance, que es basa en l’anàlisi detallat de les característiques de l’empresa i en l’el·laboració d’un sistema de prevenció dels riscos penals concrets de cada organització, a més a més d’assessorar a l’òrgan de supervisió i control del compliment (Compliance Officer) o, en el seu cas, exercir les funcions d’aquest actuant com òrgan de compliment extern.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL has a significant criminal law department specializing in crimes against property and the socioeconomic order, called economic Criminal law. Also, new technologies are changing the way people commit crimes, so aware of the new requirements, we offer among others, the following services:

  • Misappropriations.
  • Rise of goods.
  • Insolvency punishable.
  • Damage.
  • Corporate crimes.
  • Offences relating to intellectual property.
  • Crimes against privacy and the right to self-image.
  • Crimes against honor (libel and slander).
  • Offenses against Public Finance and Social Security.
  • Crimes against rights of workers.
  • Computer crime: hacking, cracking, and other criminal activities.
  • Offences relating to the market and consumers (discovery, disclosure or dissemination of trade secrets).
  • Crimes against the Environment
  • Criminal complaints because of insurance fraud.

COMPLIANCE Companies increasingly considered more necessary to implement crime prevention programs or criminal risks, as a matter of good corporate governance and to avoid reputational damage arising from a criminal conviction. With a prevention program, properly designed and implemented, the company can:

  • Prevent the commission of crimes.
  • Avoid indictment and conviction, and the consequent imposition of penalties and reputational damage.
  • Avoid the indictment and conviction of its directors.

To meet this need the Penal Department Veritas Legal Abogados SL offers the service of Compliance, which is based on the detailed analysis of the characteristics of the company and the development of a system to prevent criminal risks specific to each organization, besides advising the supervisory and enforcement (Compliance Officer) or, where appropriate, to exercise the functions of the body acting as external compliance.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL 的刑法有一个显着的部门,专门从事财产和社会经济秩序,所谓的经济刑法的危害。此外,新技术正在改变人们犯案,所以知道的新要求,我们提供(其中包括)以下服务:

  • 挪用。
  • 上升的商品。
  • 破产处罚。
  • 伤害。
  • 企业的罪行。
  • 与知识产权有关的罪行。
  • 隐私危害和正确的自我形象。
  • 危害荣誉(诽谤和流言)。
  • 妨害公共财政和社会保障。
  • 危害工人的权利。
  • 电脑犯罪:黑客,开裂,和其他犯罪活动。
  • 市场和消费者有关的罪行。 (愉景商业秘密,披露或传播)。
  • 犯罪环境。
  • 投诉保险欺诈犯罪。

合规 越来越多的公司认为更有必要实施预防犯罪方案或刑事风险,良好的公司治理的问题,以避免刑事定罪所带来的声誉损害。 随着预防方案,正确的设计和实施,公司可以:

  • 防止犯罪活动。
  • 避免起诉和信念,以及由此引发的实施处罚和名誉的损害。
  • 避免其董事起诉书和信念。



Intervention in litigation before the Civil Jurisdictions, Administrative and Contentious-Administrative procedures nature of bankruptcy, as well as all kinds of lawsuits nature of civil and commercial (quantity claims, disputes and controversies arising from contractual relations companies or civilian intervention procedures insolvency) designing always the best strategy that can meet needs the customer.


Advice to businesses and professionals in the issues that arise in day to day activities and taxes (income tax, VAT, etc.), in planning and organization restructuring operations and business asset (mergers, joint- ventures, spin-offs, …) and also in the study of the tax implications associated with the provision of commercial operations raised. Fiscal representation of companies or business entities, as well as not resident in Spain for the purpose of assist them in completing the formal that they were legally subject to obligations to the Agencia Tributaria Española. Assistance in any review procedures that the Tax Administration can open to commercial entities or individuals.

Urban Law

In the department of Urban Law & Veritas Abogados offer, both the government and private individuals and companies, highly specialized advice on the subject, including on investments in all types of real estate. Among others, we point out the following services:

  • Ground Urban Planning. Veritas Abogados advises on the design and processing of planning instruments as well as review and modification, and write processing applications planning instruments (partial plans, special plans and other instruments of urban planning).
  • Urban Management. Veritas Legal Abogados SL advises third parties and administrations in the implementation of the planning process. We support companies and individuals in their actions and negotiations with government. We elaborate and reviewed planning agreements, statutes compensation boards, etc.
  • Veritas Legal Abogados SL provides its clients with consulting services in the field of town planning, development and construction works, especially building licenses and activities. We support our customers with the performance of sanction of the Administration and the restoration of planning law. We act bankruptcy’s declaration records, demolition and later redevelopment of the property, legalization of works, planning permission handling, etc.

Veritas Legal Abogados SL also operates in:

  • Contracting with the Administrations in urban matters.
  • Expropriation and forced action on the ground.
  • Actions in the administrative courts.
  • Urban Audit of farms.
  • Negotiation of leases, management contracts and asset management.
  • Purchase of land.
  • Construction law: advice on construction contracts and urban management.
  • Registration and mortgage Law: advice to their clients about the coincidence between the Property Registry and reality, possible defects in the titles in the registry. Registry verification of the process of execution of plans, procedures, registration of titles for compensation and land subdivision, etc.
  • Valuation and evaluation of soil.

Real Estate Law

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL we advise on all types of activities related to real estate law and construction, including aspects related to real estate development, from the purchase of the land to the preparation of contracts with architects, engineers, jobbing contracts marketing and promotion. Among others we offer the following services:

  • Real Estate Law.
  • Registration Law.
  • Construction Law.
  • Tourism, hotels, resorts.
  • Advice on property development.
  • Advice regarding legal status of real estate.
  • Advising on the sale of real estate companies.
  • Consulting in sale contracts, leases, mediation, real estate management and administration, and all types of guarantee contract over them.
  • Decennial responsibility of promoters and architects.


Advice on the preparation of employment contracts, intervention and assistance in negotiations that might result from the termination of labor contracts as well as intervention in all kinds of work procedures and inspections of work.

Law of Intellectual Property

In Veritas Legal Abogados SL this department offers its customers comprehensive advice on any question relating to this area of intellectual property and the defense in disputes arising in relation to it. Aware of the enormous importance that has nowadays the ownership of distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names and shop signs) as  means of identification and uniqueness of the products and services provided by the companies, Veritas Legal Abogados SL has accumulated extensive experience in all kinds of patent and trademark disputes, copyright, trade secrets, know-how, unfair competition and advertising law. Among others, Ibanez & Almenara provides the following services:

  • Advice on industrial property, recognition, transfer and protection of patent rights, trademarks, trade names, etc.
  • Registration of Patents and Trademarks.
  • Advertising Recruitment, dissemination of trade deals over the Internet.
  • Advice on intellectual property such as copyrights.
  • License Agreements.
  • Exclusive distribution contracts.
  • Information and Technology.
  • Know How.
  • Transfer of technology.
  • Franchise Agreements.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Copyright.
  • Tracking administrative conflicts processes.
  • Criminal actions for infractions, piracy.
  • Customs Protection.

Bankruptcy Law

Veritas Legal Abogados SL has extensive experience in crisis management of enterprise and business insolvency and in bankruptcy procedures. We intervene as corporate lawyers or in defense of the interests of creditors, reaching agreements and debt reorganization. The main activities developed are:

  • Business Study.
  • Pre-litigation.
  • Debt Reorganization.
  • Ordered settlement of companies privately, without resorting to the courts.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings: liquidation of companies declared insolvent by themselves.
  • Intervention business crisis by implementing measures to bankruptcy or administrative liquidation of companies.
  • Preparation of viability plans.
  • Reorganization of enterprises.
  • Processing court files related to insolvency proceedings.

Civil Law

The Civil Law Department of Veritas Legal Abogados SL covers the advice on all matters of private law, basis of the main Spanish legal institutions. Our department deals with all legal issues between private parties own acts, contracts and businesses that they do and have a great experience in all matters relating to tort law and civil liability, including preventive, and possible repairs. Veritas Legal Abogados SL brings to this Department a solid formation and highly qualified team, giving each of these a personal and individualized treatment, which is essential for the best defense of the rights of our clients. Our advice through consultations, interviews, reports and opinions, try to prevent civil litigation, resorting to litigation where this is strictly necessary, seeking the best formula and defense strategy. We provide, among others, the following services:

  • Nationality and residence.
  • Rights of the person and personality. Protection of the right to honor, privacy and reputation.
  • Marriage and Family: performances, arrangements, negotiations, drafting of agreements and other judicial procedures. Cohabiting regime and measures to adopt in relation to parents and children of the union.
  • Foundations, associations and civil society.
  • The property and possession: their acquisition, defense and protection.
  • Inheritance and succession.
  • Bonds and civil contracting, claims for debt amounts.
  • Horizontal Property Owners and Boards: Advice, claims, defenses and attending trials of any incident in the field.
  • Property as amended.
  • Urban and Rustic Leases: Consulting, contract negotiation, claims, defenses and attending trials of any incident in the field.
  • Mortgage Procedures: Advice, demands and proceedings derived from matter.
  • Rights of users and consumers.
  • Liability. Tort Law and Liability, including and preventive aspects possible repairs.
  • Litigation, mediation and arbitration.