Arrested man by filtration Madonna’s latest album. He faces five years in prison, a high price considering that earned $ 1,000.

entrada carcel madonna


Photography by: Cintia Fournier

Today what worries artists like singers, is that their records are filtered and put on the online market before the artists themselves have done so.

In so far this year are already a few leaks discs that have caused quite a stir. Vulnicura Björk, the latest album from Steven Wilson, Hand. Can not. Erase., Which just landed in stores, or Madonna’s latest album are some of the best examples of recent months. And it is precisely the latter, whose filtration occurred early March.

The result is that the person who leaked the disk has been charged with four counts of allegedly being responsible for hanging on the Rebel Heart Madonna network. Ari Lederma, as it is called and by luck or fortune is more or less known on Israeli television for participating in local version of A Star Is Born, has been accused of illegally accessing a computer, disclosure of corporate secrets , copyright infringement and obstruction of justice … all for filter disk ‘Rebel Heart’ and in a record time of just three weeks.

The most important thing is that the leak that can lead to this Israeli prison over five years, only I contribute a few hundred dollars coming barely to $ 1,000, since once agreed to the accounts in the cloud of the producer, he sold two other accomplices who leaked demo of Rebel Heart. In this sense, it seems he was able to access the content hosted in the cloud through the accounts of Madonna’s manager, sound engineer and his musical director.

This case highlights the lack of profitability that generates the music that filter discs on other types of content, it seems, not worth it given the risk taken several years of going to jail. Without going any further, a few years ago were arrested two people in Spain for the last disc filter pouting and one of the most popular songs of the last album of Madonna. And something tells us that not be the last.

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