4 millions british data are being threatened due to the hackers

The authors of cyber-attack blackmail now TalkTalk


The British telecommunications provider TalkTalk, which offers telephony and broadband in the UK, has admitted that Wednesday suffered a “significant and sustained attack” to its servers and is investigating whether the hackers were able to access bank customer data . The company, which has suffered two similar ciber-attacks this year, acknowledged yesterday that the alleged perpetrators of computer attack that has compromised the personal data of four million customers, have contacted the company to demand payment for not use the information illegally.
“We can confirm we have been contacted by someone claiming to be responsible (of the attack) and wants us to give him money,” said a company spokesman. The executive director of the company, Dido Harding said that the alleged perpetrators have targeted making it blackmail.
The Scotland Yard exdetective Adrian Culley told the BBC Radio 4 that the attack could be the work of a “group of Islamic cyber-terrorism”, since a group linked to yihadism claimed in internet and published information that apparently could have stolen TalkTalk servers.
Harding said the company “has taken until now the worst-case scenario”, but can not confirm yet what data has been stolen, while apologized to its customers. When questioned whether the company had encrypted personal data kept on its servers, the executive director responded that “the terrible truth is that I do not know.”
The cybercrime unit dedicated to British police have opened an investigation into the incident, while the Office of the Information Commissioner in the UK, responsible for data protection, said TalkTalk ought to have in place before notice of the facts, which they were communicated to early Friday afternoon.
Meanwhile, British business leaders have demanded the government “urgent measures” to eradicate cyber attacks. The Institute of Directors said that although the media only advertise “grave breaches” hacker attacks “occur constantly.”
The guild also said that such invasions computer is one of the biggest threats that businesses face today. Meanwhile, the British Government is committed to eradicate these crimes.

Source: La Vanguardia

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